Corian - it's a designer's dream

Composed from a unique blend of acrylic polymer and natural minerals, Corian is an incredibly versatile material used for surfaces, sinks and much more. As a plastic, obviously it can be moulded into many shapes... curves, slick straight lines, you name it. It is also very hardwearing making Corian worktops and Corian counters a great choice for your home. Like many plastics, Corian can be flexed so its use in cladding, furniture and even sculpture isn?t surprising.

A dream material for designers, translucent Corian can be lit from behind, while bright coloured Corian makes any room pop. The versatility of Corian means it can be used anywhere in your home, but it is most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. It is a non-toxic surface and isn't porous (even in a matt finish) - this makes a corian solid surface perfect as a counter or worktop. Corian worktops are easy to clean, hygienic and tough. Corian worktops are also certified as containing low volatile organic compounds (VOC) - so they are greener.

A Corian solid surface is a top choice

Why limit yourself to using a Corian solid surface in the kitchen - it works equally as well as a slick desk or craft surface - even as a dining table. Warm to the touch, clean and hardwearing, a corian solid surface is a practical choice. In a kitchen diner for example a corian dining table would be a cool continuation of the kitchen theme. As it is a stylish material it's sure to compliment any scheme.

More about Corian worktops and Corian sinks

Ok, so you know Corian worktops are easy to clean but what other benefits are there? Well, often it can be used up the sides and over the top of an island giving a bespoke and slick look - even having a Corian sink moulded as part of your Corian worktop is possible for a seamless finish. By installing a Corian solid surface you won't encounter chips and peeling which you find with laminate work surfaces. As one solid moulded piece your corian worktops will last a long time.

Groovy huh? Well it gets better - draining grooves can be routed into your Corian worktops beside your moulded Corian sink. You'll see this in wooden or granite worktops, but never in laminate.

We've also mentioned colour... it can be difficult to find a working surface which tones into your kitchen colour scheme. A Corian worktop can be tinted in whatever colour you want. Naturally your Corian sink can be the same colour - essentially you get the look you want - no compromise.

Fitting Corian counters

Corian counters are similar to wood in that they can be worked on with ordinary carpentry tools. There is no issue in joining Corian worktops together either as all components are bonded seamlessly. Corian counters can be built up at the edges to make them thicker.

Maintenance of your Corian counters

Corian counters and Corian sinks can be wiped down with a damp cloth day to day, but if any surface scratches appear over time these can be repaired with a mild abrasive. Unlike wood a Corian solid surface won't go mouldy or blacken and aren't as high maintenance as other non-Corian solid surface products like granite. A Corian solid surface is a great investment, and with an integrated Corian sink it's a thoroughly modern statement.

Corian counters in the bathroom - beautiful!

The bathroom is no longer a simple affair. Today's bathroom has to be top of the range, making a Corian sink perfect to make that cool style statement. Corian sinks can fit seamlessly into Corian counters, or just as happily stand-alone. Being seamless a Corian sink can be made in the exact same colour as your Corian counters, or in a complementing colour. No water will leak from a Corian sink so, being solid and seamless, it is ideal for use even with the splashiest children around. There are usually three choices of sink - steel, ceramic and glass - but only Corian sinks and Corian counters can give you ultimate flexibility in colour and shape.

Tough reception desks

The use of Corian isn?t just limited to domestic use - its industrial acrylic resin and natural mineral composition makes it incredibly durable for offices, shops or hotels - including reception desks - what better way to make a lasting impression? Corian needs no special protection, it is wipe clean and it can handle bumps and heavy use with ease.

As such a versatile material what are you waiting for - use Corian - it?s the only choice!


Corian was invented back in the 60's and continues to be used in both the commercial and domestic environments due to its excellent long term durability. A corian solid surface can be altered to suit your needs in any way you can think of. The corian material itself can be thermoformed, moulded and even carved much like wood. Corian is available in over one hundred different colours which means it is the ideal material to be used for creating sinks, counters and work surfaces. In fact corian sinks and corian counters are used extensively in food preparation areas, hotels, and even health care. Corian worktops are used extensively in kitchens around the world, due to its aesthetically pleasing look and long lasting finish. For counters, sinks, work surfaces and more, corian is ideal.

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