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Bespoke wet rooms – No leaks – Seamless – Fit any space

Corian Bathroom
Bespoke Corian Wet Room
Corian Shower Room
Corian solid surface bathroom
Bespoke Corian Wet Room
Seamless wetroom

Corian Solid surface is the ideal product for a totally seamless wet room. Complemented with a 100 diferent colour choice and our unique thermo forming process which allows us to make any shape or design we make your dreams come true.

All Corian joints are totally seamless, therefore ensuring no water leakage. We are able to offer a 20 year guarantee on all our wet rooms.

Unique Fabrications offer the complete package, from initial design to installation.

Our tried and tested walk in wet rooms provide a safe installation suitable on concrete & timber floors. Please contact us now to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly consultants.

Corian Bath Tubs

Corian Baths are the ideal solution to your bathroom requirements. Available in over 72 colours and with nearly endless design possibilities. We provide you with a unique and sophisticated bath designed specifically for you! Please contact our sales team for further information about what we can do for your bathroom.

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