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Corian reception desk, design and installation

Corian reception counter

Corian desks and table tops

Corian reception desk, design and installation

Corian reception counter

Corian desks and table tops

Corian Recpetion Counters and Desks

We design, fabricate and install solid surface and Crian recpetion desks right across the UK. Our team of highly skilled designers can create a reception coutner or deskt o any specification and in a wide range of colours. This means no matter what the size of your recpetion areas is, the angle, the number of people using it or anything other requirment, we can make it for you. 

Our Service

Why is Unique Fabrications so successful in the field of Corian reception desk and table design and manufacture? Because we start each project with a blank canvas. We have no preconceptions about design or materials, we simply take your ideas and make them work.

Of course with such a breadth of experience in Corian fabrication and creation, we are often called upon to assist at the design stage and our highly trained design studio regularly make a valuable contribution at this initial phase.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss your reception requirements then get in touch today. Our friendly team will be able to help with design questions, matirial and fabrication questions and anything else you may wish to know about our work. 

Corian and Hi-Macs

Solid surfaces are perfect for reception desks and counters. They are hard wearing, impervious to liquid spills and look amazing. We offer a wide range of colours in both Corian and Hi-Macs and we are proud to be part of Dupont's Quality Network. This means all our work is done to thier very high standards and all backed up by thier own 10 years gauruntee. 

A first impression is a lasting impression. So make sure to leave the right one with reception desks and tables made with DuPont™ Corian® solid surface.

The virtually seamless design possibilities of counters made with Corian® are bold, flexible, and dynamic. The color and texture options are endless. The surfaces stand up to the rigors of heavy use, while remaining stain-free and new-looking

The Corian desks and counters displayed above are just a small selection of our portfolio (more examples can be seen in our reception desk gallery). The accuracy we achieve by linking our 3D Design software directly to our CNC machines ensures that all the components manufactured fit perfectly, which means most site installations can be completed in a single day.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for any kind of Corian reception table, desk or coutner then get in touch today.

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