Corian® Signs

Features & Benefits 

We are able to offer design, fabrication and installation of any kind of Corian® sign your business may need. Our highly skilled designers can work to your specifications to create a durable, beautiful and unique sign for your retail outlet, restaurant or any other kind of commercial business. Corian is highly flexible in terms of how it is used and what can be done with it as you can read below. It is the combination of durability and design and application flexibility that makes it the perfect material for signs. 

Why Corian?

A lot of soli surface and other sign materials choices do fade in direect light over time. Corian®, however, is acrylic based and so doesnt suffer even in direct sunlight. This is a big plus for business signs that are out in all weathers or exposed to high intensity lighting in airports or shopping centres.  Corian® is actually made up of natural minerals, pigments and a clear acrylic resin. The minerals present do lead Corian® to feel a little like real stone in terms of weight and the cold feel. However, where Corian® differs from natural stone is how consistent it is, there are no flaws or fault lines which can lead to splitting. It is because of these features and charateritics that makes Corian signs so popular and so perfect for shops and businesses.

Two of the examples shown below, use of translucent Corian within the sign to enable features to also be backlit.

Routed, engraved, and backlit Corian signs

Bespoke Corian signs

Corian business or shop signs

Corian® is a very flexiable material in terms of application and use. It is a great material for engraving and routing. This is because it has a very consistent quality and the high density allows our fabricators to use an very high level of detail when creating signs. This means the signs look very detailed and powerful which creates a stronger impression for the business.

Corian® is almost completely inert, this means can be combined with other materials to create different effects and designs wthout fear of it reacting and causing dicoluration or corroding in any way. Brass and stainless steel being inlaid into Corian® is becoming very popular and being used a great deal to create some really unique and stunning designs. 

As well as Corian Solid Surface signs we also design, fabricate and install exterior corian cladding for commercial buildings. 

Corian® can easily be glued using the special Corian® adhesive. This adhesive can then be used to create a layered effect using different colours which can bring contrast to the designs. 

After an area of the sign has been routed or engraved these areas can be filled in with colours using screen printing inks and coloured acrylic mediums. This gives the customer a great deal of colour choice and leaves the sign with a smooth and veyr long lasting finish. 

The possibiliites are endless when it comes to creating and supplying Corian signs. The durability, the design options and low weight make Corian signs the first choice for business signs. 

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