Exterior Corian Cladding

Corian Rain Screen Exterior Cladding

Unique Fabrications have 20 year’s experience installing complex exterior Corian cladding systems throughout the UK. Our in house design team are here to assist with specifications through to full Cad drawings, design and site installation.

DuPont Corian® Cladding combines aesthetics with high performance, which makes it an ideal choice for exterior cladding systems.

Below are some of the benefits of Corian Cladding:

  • Coloured all the way through
  • Made-to-measure
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good weather and UV resistance
  • High-quality detailing and finishing possibilities
  • Repairable on site
  • Flow smoothly and seamlessly over the structure
  • Non porous – almost self-cleaning and graffiti free

Click Here to view some examples of our exterior cladding work. 

Corian Cladding

We are able to create bespoke exterior corian cladding to meet any requirements your project may have. We have worked across a wide range of commercian industries from airports and hospitals to shopping centres and more. 

We also offer Interior Cladding to the same high standards and with the same design and creative flexibility. 

If you would like to discuss any details about Corian cladding please get in touch today. Our team of design and fabrication experts have the experience to deliver world class Corian Cladding for your building. 

Why Rain Screen Cladding?
  • Superior aesthetics – creates a perfectly ‘flat’ rigid building façade.
  • Panel designs easily integrate with building elements such as louvers’, windows, doors and atriums to create a complete building façade.
  • Excellent whole building lifecycle costs, durable and low maintenance system.
  • Easily shaped and curved to create unique details for capping, copings, bullnoses and fascia’s.
  • Fabricated using latest CNC technology and fabrication skills.
  • Ideal for new build and refurbishment.
  • Thermal insulation easily incorporated to achieve desired ‘U’-value.
  • Comprehensive design and technical support package.
  • Fully adjustable support system and range of accessories available.
  • Available in a wide range of standard and non-standard colours.
  • A Rainscreen draws air through the cavity, aiding in the removal of heat and moisture from rain or condensation.
  • Rainscreen blocks some solar gain and accommodates continuous insulation, considerably reducing air-conditioning.

Corian Cladding Design and Quality

We are proud to be a member of Dupont's quality network which means all of our work is done tot he veyr high standards set down by Dupont. Not only that but it is all backed up by Dupont's 10 year gaurantee. 

Easy maintenance exterior cladding

Weather and UV resistant cladding

Suitable for overcladding

Building Under Construction

Building Under Construction


Corians' ability to customize panel aesthetics with unique finishes and varied shapes. Enhance it with contrasting materials, articulated fixing and lighting and more.

To achieve even more visual impact, Corian can be combined with new technologies such as LED lighting elements, and the result is dazzling. Create rhythm, character and depth. Add colour and texture, and play with light and shadow.

The result is a facade that transforms and enhances, adding new dimensions to any building design.


Corian is ideal for over cladding and renovating older buildings, often adding an extra insulation layer in the process and without the need for structural or foundation reinforcement. This can reduce construction budgets while recycling existing structures and materials and conserving demolition energy.

Exterior Cladding Technical Information (PDF)

Our Certified Exterior Cladding Installer Certificate (PDF)

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